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Our mission at UMBELINO LÔBO Assessoria e Consultoria (ULAC) is to guide and aid our clients in their relationship with the various departments, sectors and agencies of the Brazilian Executive and Legislative branches.

We are committed to providing efficient, responsible, quality service in order to secure a strategic, enduring line of communication between our clients and the Brazilian authorities.

Your needs are our priority.

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Umbelino Lôbo Assessoria e Consultoria (ULAC) was formally constituted in July 1979, consolidating a practice initiated in March of 1975 with the first rendering of services to the Ultra Group, a conglomerate specialized in the production and distribution of chemical products. The formal constitution resulted from the addition of two more accounts: that of the SIMEFRE (a pool of companies manufacturing equipment for roads and railways) and of the ABRASCA (a pool of open-capital companies). Since then, ULAC has been an excellence-obsessed provider of services in Government Relations.

We believe that maintaining a permanent channel of dialogue with government, especially with the Executive and Legislative branches, is not only a legitimate right, but an obligation of the private sector. We further believe that such obligation becomes all the more present as these channels of interlocution are vital for the private sector to effectively contribute towards the formulation of public policy. And it is with these beliefs at heart that ULAC is constantly perfecting the methodology of its initiatives, in an ongoing effort which has secured the satisfaction of our clients.


Our Values
Experience, Credibility and Ethics

Bringing in our very name the tradition of some of the oldest families of the Brazilian Midwest, Umbelino Lôbo has for 25 years been one of Brasilia ’s leading agents in Government Relations. And it is with this history at heart that we approach ethics not as a mere necessity, but as an obligation doubly imperative given the fine line which separates legitimate lobbying from the reckless defense and promotion of illegitimate interests

This extensive history representing our clients’ legitimate concerns places us in a privileged position where our experience, knowledge and transparent style are recognized by our various interlocutors in both the Executive and the Legislative branches.


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