We believe that more than a legitimate right, it is the private sector's duty to maintain a permanent channel of communication with public entities. Thus, our role is to guide the process of dialogue of our clients with the Federal Executive and Legislative Branches.

Why is it a right?

The public sector has a complex dynamics, since it involves both technical and political variables. Its actions directly influence, in different proportions, the lives of people and companies. Thus, the monitoring of information regarding regulatory decisions, the progress of bills or the political environment itself provide essential subsidies for decision-making processes at the strategic level of companies.

Why is it a duty?

The monitoring and participation of civil society in public policies structuring contributes to the development of a stable regulatory environment, the strengthening of institutions, democracy and to the building up of more technical and less personal relationships.

How does Umbelino Lôbo do government relations?

We believe that in a representative and participatory democracy, the willingness to dialogue, in a transparent and ethical way, is a strategic approach, since it contributes to the advancement of the following aspects:

  • creation of a safe and solid regulatory environment;
  • building up of our clients’ reputation as reference of their sectors of action;
  • formation of a strong circle of exchange of information and experiences, based on larger interests of society.

The products developed by Umbelino Lôbo Assosoria and Consultoria aims to provide a global vision of the dynamics and the decision-making processes of the public sector in order to prepare our clients for a prime participation. Thus, they result from the following service dynamics.


The starting point is the intersection of the themes of interest of our clients, the agenda, structure and decision-making process of the public sector and, mainly, the larger interests of society. This area of intersection will indicate opportunities for action with the federal Executive and Legislative Branches.


For the monitoring of the processes of interest to our clients, We create an information flow, personalized, in order to support the development of a global vision regarding strategic issues with public entities.


The strategic plans aim at bringing to the government authorities and congressmen technical information that contribute to the development of public policies and effective legislation, establishing a strong circle of information between public and private sector. This process, besides being a tool to strengthen democracy, aims to build the reputation of our clients as references and protagonists in their sectors of action.