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42 years of Umbelino Lôbo

UMBELINO LÔBO celebrates today 42 years of activity.

Since 1979, we have closely followed the activities of the Legislative and Executive powers, and the political history of Brazil. During this period, approximately 450 senators and approximately 5,400 deputies passed through the National Congress. In the Executive Branch, there were 9 presidents of the Republic and almost 600 ministers. In the exercise of our activity, we had the opportunity to be and interact with many of these people, learning a lot and transmitting important information and, in many cases, essential for good decision-making in the formulation and implementation of the most varied public policies.

The principle that has driven us since the beginning of this long journey is the same: more than a legitimate right, it is the duty of the private sector to maintain a permanent channel of communication with the public sector in order to contribute to the formulation of public policies. We firmly believe that modern democracy is, in addition to being representative, participatory. In this context, the activity of Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG) is essential for the health of democracy.

Last but not least, we understand that the defense of private interests must always be connected with the greater interests of society as a whole.

Here we register our deep thanks to our customers, who trust in our work. To the former members of our team, who taught us a lot. To the partners and collaborators of our team, who with their dedication and competence maintain the excellence of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.   

Antônio Marcos Umbelino Lôbo – Managing Director of Umbelino Lôbo Assessoria e Consultoria


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