Pandemic CPI - Context and Perspectives

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The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic, installed at the end of April in the Federal Senate, is yet another element that contributes to the instability and unpredictability of the national political scenario. In order to contextualize and monitor this process, in this article, we return to the discussions surrounding the installation of the collegiate, and bring information about the work carried out […]

The Climate Summit and Climate Change

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The Climate Summit was one of Joe Biden's electoral promises. During that process, the then candidate pledged to bring together world leaders still within their first 100 days as president, to discuss actions to tackle the global climate change crisis. In the first week of his term, the Democrat […]

The Fuel Sector in 2021

fuel sector

From the truckers strike of 2018, a series of discussions about changes in the regulatory model of the fuel sector gained momentum. Among the initiatives that have advanced, we can mention the pricing of fuels by Petrobras, price transparency and the direct sale of ethanol. With the rise in fuel prices in a scenario of […]

Ministerial Reform

Ernesto Araujo's departure from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs (MRE) has long been demanded by diverse groups, from parliamentarians, to the private sector, even to his peers at the Foreign Ministry. The other changes in the command of ministries promoted by President Jair Bolsonaro were received with surprise, mainly due to the timing in which they were made. Ernesto Araujo […]

General Environmental Licensing Law

The issue of environmental licensing in Brazil has been under discussion in the National Congress for over 15 years. In the last 2 years, PL 3729/2004 was widely debated by a Working Group coordinated by deputy Kim Kataguiri (DEM / SP). Unofficially appointed as interlocutor of the proposal's convergence work, Kataguiri brought together representatives from different sectors in the search for […]

E-Agendas as a transparency tool

In December 2020, during the Forum for the Control and Combat of Corruption, the Federal Government's Anti-Corruption Plan was released, which aims to improve mechanisms for the prevention, detection and accountability for acts of corruption. The intention is to act on several fronts (such as interinstitutional articulation, prevention of conflicts of interest, public ethics, accountability […]

Powers and agenda power of mayors and senate

In obedience to the democratic principle, every two years, the focus of national policy moves to the elections for the positions of the Executive Boards of the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate, especially for the Presidency. On February 1 of the first and third years of each legislature, the election of members takes place […]

7 months of remote deliberation: challenges and learning

In March of this year, the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate established a Remote Deliberation System (SDR), in order to facilitate the operation of legislative work during the public health emergency arising from COVID-19. The SDR regulates the virtual activities of the Plenary, but the work of the permanent commissions remains suspended. Each House has its own […]

RIG data and strategies

Much has been discussed about data analysis in Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG) activities and how technology has helped this work and changed the lobbyist's daily activities. These new data analysis tools also brought the need, on the part of the RIG professional, to have manipulation skills […]