In a context as dynamic as the political, and in an era with wide access to information, it is normal to be confused about what is happening and, especially, what may happen from now on. In this space we bring some reflections and information about our days.

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Pandemic CPI: Light background image with abstract pattern of white lines

Pandemic CPI - Context and Perspectives

The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic, installed at the end of April in the Federal Senate, is yet another element that contributes to the instability

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The Climate Summit and Climate Change

The Climate Summit was one of Joe Biden's electoral promises. During that process, the then candidate pledged to bring together world leaders still

fuel sector

The Fuel Sector in 2021

From the truckers' strike of 2018, a series of discussions about changes in the regulatory model of the fuel sector gained momentum. Between the

Ministerial Reform

The departure of Ernesto Araujo from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs (MRE) has long been demanded by diverse groups, from parliamentarians, to the sector

General Environmental Licensing Law

The issue of environmental licensing in Brazil has been under discussion in the National Congress for more than 15 years. In the last 2 years, PL 3729/2004 has been

E-Agendas as a transparency tool

In December 2020, during the Forum to Control and Combat Corruption, the Federal Government's Anti-Corruption Plan was released, which aims to

RIG data and strategies

Much has been discussed about data analysis in Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG) activities and how technology has helped in this regard.