Elections 2022 – What to Expect?

In the day-to-day of her work, the Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG) professional must keep on her radar some processes and some dynamics related to the decision-making structure of the public sector: publications in the official gazette, movements related to legislative proposals, agency deliberations regulatory agencies and other decision-making bodies, news related to the political scenario, among others.

In this context, every two years, the electoral process, with its rules and specificities, appears as another event that must be monitored and considered in the development of our work. Thus, the understanding of what to expect this year is built from the monitoring of some actors, contexts and movements that will establish a point from which we will develop scenario analysis, action strategies and, above all, we will decide our vote.

As a provider of consulting services in the RIG area, Umbelino Lôbo must also closely monitor all movements related to the electoral process, since it is a relevant variable in the political scenario. Each election year, we structure the monitoring of its dynamics based on what we learned from previous follow-ups, our strategic planning, the demands and needs of our customers, the specifics of the context and the understanding of available resources.

Thus, for 2022, we have developed an electronic page where it will be made available free of charge and open to all of the content that will be prepared by our team in 2022 and 2023 on the elections and the government transition. It is now live at the following address: https://eleicoes.umbelino.com.br/

It was structured from some sections that unfold into relevant content for monitoring the electoral process. On the home page, you will find access to the calendar through which you will be able to follow the main facts that make up and guide the scenario and the political-electoral dynamics. It will be constantly updated with the main movements around the political-electoral process disclosed throughout the year.

Another relevant monitoring axis concerns the rules that guide and guarantee the democratic character of the elections, and inform the candidates' campaign strategies. They are found both in the Federal Constitution and in legal and infralegal norms. In its scope, there are provisions related to political rights, eligibility, political parties, electoral financing and propaganda, electoral enlistment, among other issues. So, in Legislation section, which will be constantly updated, we present some topics of this legal framework that help in understanding the electoral process.

The electoral dispute is built by the movements of parties and candidates in the face of the political scenario and legal requirements. Despite having specific rules and trends that can be anticipated, it is a dynamic process that is always in formation and transformation. Thus, its understanding also demands a “live” monitoring of the movements that constitute it. In this way, the section Scenarios will be updated on a recurring basis with portraits of certain moments and analysis of the main aspects and electoral dynamics. In that article, we bring you some topics that will be on our radar throughout the year.

Another variable that we must keep on the radar and that will be monitored by Umbelino Lôbo is the behavior of the National Congress in an election year. It is worth remembering that among the positions in dispute in the 2022 Elections, there are 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 27 in the Federal Senate (out of a total of 81 seats). The movements and functioning of the Legislative Houses can be monitored in this section. AND in that article, you can already check some points of attention and their eventual trends and developments. Furthermore, in the second semester, with the definition of candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, we will provide on that page information about competitor profiles, campaigns and dispute dynamics.

This project will last for one year and will end in February 2023. The definition of this monitoring period is based on the understanding that elections are not limited to voting days. It is also based on the belief that, despite the apparent urgencies, time is a fundamental variable to understand the issues that mobilize us, the doubts we have about a given topic, in which topics we need to delve deeper to continue building our understanding of a given subject. .

The quality political participation that democracy deserves involves the willingness to build a consistent and committed work with the formulation of proposals based on transparency and that prioritize the construction of solutions together and guided by the diversity of our society. You can find more details about the period and the monitoring axes of the project in this page.

So that access to this information can adapt to your flow of information consumption, we will publish updates on our platform through the following means of communication: our social networks (Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn), broadcast lists by messaging apps (Whatsapp and telegram) and by email (newsletter). Each channel will have its own forwarding and updating flow, designed to take advantage of the resources made available by each platform and diversify the possibilities of our means of distribution. Stay here in our invitation to accompany us in the medium that makes the most sense for you.

The structuring of the project in this format – content and period – aims to contribute to the expansion of the look around the electoral process and political participation as a whole. The basis that sustains and guides these guidelines is the certainty that democracy as a regime of government is never ready or finished. As a form of power that has its origins in the people, it must constantly update itself and be oriented towards guaranteeing fundamental rights and prioritizing the collective dimension of life in society.

With this project, we are making available part of our experience in monitoring the Brazilian political scenario, built on almost 43 years of activity based on the challenges entrusted to us by our clients and the exchange with our professional colleagues. We are also materializing our conviction that political participation that respects democratic principles is built on consistent and quality information and we hope to learn a little more about how to continue contributing to the development of a dignified society for all.

Furthermore, we will be very happy if this material contributes to the development of your projects and your decisions, both professionally and personally.

Article prepared by team from Umbelino Lôbo Assessoria e Consultoria on 03/12/2022 for the RelGov+ Women's Association.


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