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When talking about our 42-year trajectory as an Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG) consultancy, we usually emphasize the political events that this path allowed us to follow closely, the transformations that occurred in the activity due to the transformations in the media and the learning that everyday life has brought us. But the growth, strengthening and diversification of the RIG market naturally made us broaden this vision and think about our role and our voice in this ecosystem.

This reflection brings up questions and insights that have come to guide our planning and positioning in the market. One of them concerns how to address, both internally and externally, issues and themes that cross and structure our society, such as the specificities of the condition of women in the labor market. And on this path we had the happiness and luck of knowing and closely following the emergence of RelGov+ Women, a support network for women in the field of RIG.

Thus, since October 2021, Umbelino Lôbo has been a partner in this initiative. We believe that projects like this demonstrate the maturation of our market and for us it is a joy to have the opportunity to contribute in some way. You will also be able to follow the learning and results of this partnership on our website and on our networks.

For now, we would like to thank the RelGov+ Women team who kindly welcomed us and allowed us to be part of this journey.

Check out the articles written by team of Umbelino Lôbo Assessoria e Consultoria for the RelGov+ Women's Association:

1. ESG and Monitoring the Political Scenario (Posted on December 17, 2021)

2. Planning 2022, RIG and Elections 2022 (Posted on January 17, 2022)

3. Formulation of Claims and duties of the RIG professional (Posted on February 18, 2022)

4. Elections 2022 – What to Expect? (Posted on April 1, 2022)


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