Pandemic CPI - Context and Perspectives

Pandemic CPI: Light background image with abstract pattern of white lines

The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic, installed at the end of April in the Federal Senate, is yet another element that contributes to the instability and unpredictability of the national political scenario. In order to contextualize and monitor this process, in this article, we return to the discussions surrounding the installation of the collegiate, and bring information about the work carried out […]

Ministerial Reform

Ernesto Araujo's departure from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs (MRE) has long been demanded by diverse groups, from parliamentarians, to the private sector, even to his peers at the Foreign Ministry. The other changes in the command of ministries promoted by President Jair Bolsonaro were received with surprise, mainly due to the timing in which they were made. Ernesto Araujo […]