VIII Workshop RI UCB (apenas título)

VIII Workshop IR UCB

Between November 9th and 11th, 2021, students of the International Relations course at the Catholic University of Brasília (UCB) held the VIII edition of the UCB RI Workshop with the theme “Democracy and Governmental Relations: The challenges of dialogue between powers in Brazil ”. The project's main objective is to encourage debate on the area of Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG) in the academic environment and contribute to the training and protagonism of students in their training. You can learn more about the trajectory of this initiative on your social networks: LinkedIn and Instagram.

That year, Umbelino Lôbo was one of the sponsors of the event along with other companies and initiatives in the area. We closely followed the debates and were very happy with the quality of the questions and discussions proposed by the speakers and students. All discussions can be accessed on the project channel on Youtube.

We would like to thank the VIII Workshop UCB team for the opportunity to be part of the initiative.


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